Who We Are

The Solar Village Project is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. We are actively assisting Indian and African families improve their lives through access, acquisition, maintenance and knowledge of solar power systems in homes with no other other power... read more


Micro Finance Initiative

In September of 2018 Solar Village Project successfully launched the first phase of our solar lighting micro-finance project in Uttar Pradesh, India. The results from this pilot are very promising. To learn more you can read the full report here... read more 

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Current Projects

In Feb. 2020 Solar Village Project, in partnership with the Rock Spring Congregation of Arlington, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and Foot Print Project installed 2 more solar arrays for community centers in Puerto Rico... read more

Sustainable Schools Initiative

In Feb. 2020 SVP completed the first phase of our Sustainable Schools Initiative providing solar array's for 3 schools and solar lights for 300 students. The solar arrays we installed will provide much needed electricity which will be used to run computers, projectors, lights and fans. With the success of these initial projects we look forward to expanding these efforts and reaching an additional 10 schools over the course of the next year.

See How Solar Can Help

Dollars Provides Light And Power For A Home

1.3 billion people are currently living without access to electricity

Dollars Provides Light And Power For 10 Homes

In the 21st century access to electricity is a necessity not a luxury.

Dollars Provides Light And Powers For 1 Village

Solar power equals energy access for all.

Help us light up the darkness

Please help by making a donation for those who have been left out when it comes to one the most basic and essential resources in today’s world, electricity.

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