Darhi Ram Solar Power Water Purification Project

In the spring of 2018 we implemented our first solar powered water filtration project in Chikulia Village, Uttar Pradesh, India. The project consists of a 5 kilowatt solar array which powers a 5 stage 500 liter per hour water purification plant that is centrally located within the village. The water purification plant is capable of providing every home in the village with ample safe and clean drinking water on a daily basis 24 hours a day.

Water borne illness due to contamination is a serious problem in all the villages we work with. Prior to installing the water filtration plant, the people were entirely dependent on either open wells like the one seen below or bore wells attached to hand pumps which are equally unsanitary. By incorporating water purification into our projects we are finally be able to start addressing another of the primary concerns of the villagers.

The water filtration system was installed and is managed by our partner Community Pure Water (CPW). CPW has built almost 200 hundred rural water filtration plants in South India and this most recent project represents their first project that utilizes solar power as its sole source of electricity. It is also their first project in Uttar Pradesh.

Along with the installation of the water purification plant in Chikulia we also provided every home in Darhi Ram, a neighboring village, with their own solar lighting systems. The people of Darhi Ram now have access to electricity in their homes for the first time. Darhi Ram Village is built on bedrock which means that there is no easily accessible water table within the village. Due to the the lack of a readily available water source within the village we are planning on building a 10 kw solar array and water filtration plant that can pump filtered water into the village.

Providing clean water is something we have been interested in since our very first project and now we are we are finally able to so. We believe that access to clean water is just as important as access to electricity.


One of the open wells in Chikulia Village.


The 5 kilowatt solar array we built to power the water purification system. In this photo from left to right is Om Prakash and Ram Lal, our local water managers, Satish from Sun Solar Enterprises who provided the solar array, Kapil the SVP regional manager and Sanjay the Sun Solar Enterprises Engineer.

This is a picture of the 5 stage reverse osmosis filtration plant installed by CPW.  Prior to the installation the water tests showed a T.D.S. (Total Dissolved Solids) level of over 800.  Water tests done after the installation show a T.D.S. of 35.