Sustainable Schools Fundraiser

Enabling Digital Learning During Covid-19

We are excited to be continuing our Sustainable Schools Initiative this month! At a time when digital learning is a necessity, providing access to electricity to students who need it has never been more important. Your donation to our Sustainable Schools Initiative will be help provide solar power to 2 rural schools and give all the students clean bright light and the ability to charge a smart phone and tablet at home. Here is why these projects are so important.

  • COVID-19 is impacting education everywhere, including rural schools internationally. Your support will help a child’s education through energy access to digital learning tools and clean bright light.
  • Digital learning is happening around the world. The schools we provide power for will help allow teachers to create digital content that can be distributed to their student so they can continue to pursue their education during Covid-19.
  • Rural schools in India often go for days without power. When schools reopen, the students will have a much higher quality learning environment thanks to the consistent power from solar energy we install. Our efforts to support sustainable schools not only provide power to these schools in need, but also help give students more confidence in their learning.

Help us reach our goal of raising $6,500 to bring power to the schools and give the students a brighter future and the tools they need to further their education.