Solar Financing and Sales Project

In September of 2018¬†Solar Village Project successfully launched the first phase of our solar lighting micro-finance project in Uttar Pradesh, India. This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Rock Spring Congregation in Arlington, VA. With this project SVP begins a transition from a model based on charitable giving to one that encourages sustainable development. This transition will eventually allow SVP to greatly expand our operations and reach many more people in need. In this first phase our team from the organization, Morsel Research and Development will be visiting off-grid villages to survey potential interest, in purchasing solar lights. The data we collect from those who choose to purchase lights from SVP, either directly or through a loan, and from those who do not choose to participate, will help us better understand popular perception regarding access to electricity. This data will also allow us to test the logistics of distribution and service required for this transition. The second phase of this project will involve collaboration with our research partner ISEP (Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy) at Johns Hopkins. ISEP will be conducting a wide ranging double blind study to ascertain the major roadblocks to people’s willingness to pay and what policies and practices provide the best incentives to purchase solar lights for their homes.