Our Mission

Power For All

Solar Village Project’s mission is supported by three guiding principles that are the foundation of our success and growth.

  • Charitable Giving and Disaster Relief: We are dedicated to assisting the rural poor in the developing world through the distribution of solar home lighting systems and providing sustainable infrastructure for communities that have been devastated by natural disasters.
  • Sustainable Development: As we’ve grown we have worked very deliberately on developing a sustainable development model for the future. Our goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of people in need through projects that incorporate micro finance and community infrastructure into our organizational model.
  • Impact Evaluations: In order to track our success we have partnered with research organizations such as Johns Hopkins ISEP (Institute For Sustainable Energy Policy) and Morsel Research and Development to do detailed and peer reviewed studies on the impact that our projects have.

Changing Lives For A More Sustainable Future

Over the next 5 years we plan on reaching hundreds of thousands of more people through both our charitable giving and sustainable development projects. This includes scaling up our solar lighting micro finance enterprise and building more solar powered water filtration plants in order to provide safe drinking water.