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Education Impact Fundraiser

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

George Washington Carver


Education Impact Project

Opportunity does not favor everyone equally. For a child living in a rural village that has never had access to electricity opportunities are few and far between. That child's only chance for a better life is getting an education. One of the biggest challenges these children will face in acquiring a decent education is the simple fact that they don't have adequate light to study by at night. The solution is simple, provide that child with their own solar lights.

What We Know

At Solar Village Project we've been distributing solar lights to off-grid communities for over 4 years, giving over 6000 people access to electricity for the first time. We have assumed that our efforts were having a positive impact. But beyond anecdotal evidence we didn't have any real data to back up our assumption. In order to learn about the impact our projects are having and how we can improve our existing strategies we have partnered with ISEP (Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy)  at Johns Hopkins University. ISEP specializes in detailed impact studies of sustainable energy projects and policies. SVP and ISEP recently concluded our first collaborative project, in which we distributed 200 solar lights to off-grid villages. The households that received solar lights were surveyed by ISEP over the course of a year in order to gather data on the impact of access to solar lighting. This is what we found;

  • Solar lanterns significantly decreased households' monthly lighting expenditures, while increasing the hours of electricity that they obtained per day.
  • Solar lanterns also reduced households' reliance on other lighting sources such as kerosene and battery charged lamps.
  • The overall increase in average hours was driven entirely by solar lanterns.
  • Solar lanterns increased households' overall satisfaction with lighting in their home, measured on the basis of the adequacy, reliability, cost, and safety of lighting.
  • Obtaining a solar lantern also increased households' satisfaction from leisure activities (e.g., reading, working, cooking, and studying) along with the number of hours that they spent each day on these activities. It also increased the number of hours that they spent charging their mobile phones every day.

Project Plan

We now know that our efforts are having tangible positive impacts across the board. The next question is: What impact does access to solar lanterns have on a child’s education?


Solar Village Project is once again teaming up with ISEP to study this question. In this project we will distribute 300 solar lighting systems to 300 children currently living in off-grid households. Not only will these children get the much-needed benefit of access to electricity for the first time in their lives, but they will also be participating in a two-year long survey studying the impact that access to clean bright light has on their education.




What We Need

For this project we need to raise $9,000 in order to purchase 300 solar lighting systems for 300 hundred children who are currently living without access to electricity. A little bit goes a long way. For just $30 you can cover the cost of a solar lighting system and make a profound difference in a child's life. Your donation will also enable SVP and ISEP to gather important data on the impact that solar lighting systems have on children's education.

This is our first fundraiser since the Spring of 2017. Since then we've brought light and power to three villages, completed our first research project with ISEP, built a solar powered water filtration plant in Chikulia village, distributed solar lights to all 100 homes in Chikulia village and recently launched our solar lighting micro finance pilot project. It's amazing what your donations have accomplished. Now once again we need your help in order to make our education impact project possible.

Solar Village Project is a small non-profit organization which depends on your support. We are very grateful for your generosity in the past, and hope you will be able to support this latest initiative. As in the past, all donations are tax deductible.

Even if you can't donate just spreading the word by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter can make a big difference.

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