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Sustainable Schools And Solar Lighting Project


Think about the impact that your education has had on your life. Where would you be today without it? Imagine being born in a village with little or no access to electricity and attending a school in the same condition. What kind of chance would you have to break out of the poverty that has gripped your community for generations? For so many children in rural India this a stark reality.  We have a plan to help change that.

Solar Schools

We have identified three village schools in the state of Maharashtra, India where we will begin to implement our sustainable schools projects. Currently these three schools frequently go for days on end without power as their grid connections are extremely unreliable. Solar Village Project will install 1 kilowatt solar arrays and electrical connections for lights, ceiling fans and receptacles in all three schools. The solar array will ensure the schools have access to electricity 24 hours a day, helping to create an environment suitable for learning. The solar array will also provide the necessary power for our partner organization in these projects, the local NGO, Think Sharp Foundation. Think Sharp's mission is to bridge the rural-urban education divide by providing under-served communities with educational infrastructure via digital learning tools, libraries, and after school activities. By partnering with Think Sharp we are not only able to ensure that the school's electrical needs are met but that the children who rely on these schools for their education are given the tools necessary to succeed in the future.


Solar Lights

A total of 300 students attend the three schools we will power with solar panels. The majority of these students do not have access to electricity in their homes, and the few that do often lose power at night when they need it the most to study. That means that they rely on kerosene lanterns to study by at night, which is both an inadequate and dangerous source of light. We will distribute solar lanterns to every student in order to make sure that they can study with clean bright light in their homes.

What We Need

For this project we need to raise $15,000 in order to purchase and install the three solar arrays and 300 solar lights for the students. The solar arrays will cost $3,000 per school. The 300 solar lights for the children to use at home will cost $6,000.

Since our fundraiser in November or 2018 we have accomplished so much. We implemented our first disaster relief project in Tamil Nadu India, launched our Solar Lighting Micro Finance Pilot, implemented our first project in Puerto Rico, bringing much needed solar power to an off-grid community center, and scheduled the launch date for our Education Impact Project with Johns Hopkins ISEP. Now once again we need your help in order to make our sustainable schools initiative possible.

Solar Village Project is a small non-profit organization that depends on your support. We are very grateful for your generosity in the past, and hope you will be able to support this latest initiative. As in the past, all donations are tax deductible.

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