Current Projects

Education Impact Initiative

Starting in Feb. 2020 we began launching the second phase of our Education Impact Projects. The initial projects under this initiative included the installation of five solar arrays for 5 rural schools in Maharashtra India as well as the distribution of 300 solar lights for the students that attend the schools. Prior to the solar array installation the schools would often go for days on end without power as the grid connection in the village was inconsistent at its best. Now the schools have access to electricity 24-7 and kids have access to clean bright light from the solar lights we gave them so they can study at home after dark.

“Be a global citizen. Act with passion and compassion. Help us make this world safer and more sustainable today and for the generations that will follow us. That is our moral responsibility. ”

Ban Ki-moon

Puerto Rico Solar Projects

In the fall of 2019 in partnership with the Rock Spring Congregation of Arlington, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and Footprint Project we began installing solar arrays for community centers in Puerto Rico. The community centers are part of a grass roots network of self help organizations that sprang up in the wake of hurricanes Maria and Irma. These community centers provide a wide range of services and activities from community kitchens to art classes and health fairs. So far 3 solar arrays capable of providing 100% of their energy requirements have been installed in 3 different community centers. SVP looks forward to working with our partners to provide more community centers with much needed solar power in the coming year.