The Sahel and Littoral Solar Village Projects

In February of 2016 we expanded our mission into Senegal, implementing the Cisse Masse Solar Village Project, bringing light and power to over 300 people and all 50 homes in the village.

Now we are preparing to return to Senegal again, this time with a much more ambitious plan to bring light and power to 7 different villages with a total population of almost 3,000 people! All 7 projects will be implemented over a 2 week period in the winter of 2017.

4 of the villages we will be working with are in the Sahel region not far from Cisse Masse the location of our first project in Senegal. The other 3 villages are on the coast of Senegal in the Litoral region.

Over the past few months we’ve been testing a number of new solar power systems to determine whether or not they meet our strict technical specifications necessary for use in one of our projects. Based on our testing results we’ve identified 2 products that are both cost effective and durable which we will be using for our upcoming projects.generosity

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