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On February 24, 2017 Solar Village Project teamed up with Nuera Solar for the “Nuera Giving Initiative”. Nuera is a solar installation company based out of Barrington Rhode Island which installs solar arrays on homes and businesses across the country. Their “Giving Initiative”  means that Nuera will donate a solar power system to Solar Village Project for every home or business installation they do. The placement of a Nuera solar array will be completed without upfront costs to the consumer, who will pay a monthly electric bill  smaller than their current electric bill. This initiative means that every time someone purchases a solar power array from Nuera Solar, they will donate a solar system to a family in need through Solar Village Project, helping to bring light and power to communities without access to electricity.”




ISEP – the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy – is an interdisciplinary research program that uses cutting-edge social and behavioral science to design, test, and implement better energy policies in emerging economies. The aim of ISEP is to identify and pursue opportunities for policy reforms that allow emerging economies to pursue human development at minimal economic and environmental costs. The initiative pursues such opportunities both pro-actively, with continuous policy innovation and bold ideas, and by responding to policymakers’ demands and needs in sustained engagement and dialogue.  A unique feature of ISEP is the pragmatic recognition of the administrative, political, and socio-cultural constraints on policy reform. The initiative is based on the premise that the obstacle to energy policy reform is rarely the lack of better alternatives to the current situation, but rather the vexing difficulty of enacting, implementing, and sustaining these alternatives. As such, the initiative focuses on innovative ways to overcome obstacles to energy policy reform in emerging economies. We adopt a balanced method that considers both sustainability and access to energy crucial priorities; conducting rigorous research for evidence-based policy advice.




Solar Village Project is a proud participant in the Combined Federal Campaign.

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a 56-year Federal workplace giving tradition that has raised more than $8 billion for charitable organizations. It is one of the largest workplace giving campaigns in the world. The funds raised each fall through this campaign help neighbors in need around the corner, across the nation and throughout the world.

During the campaign, Federal employees can choose from a list of thousands of vetted charities to support. The CFC makes it easy to Show Some Love to the causes you care about. Whether you are passionate about disaster relief, veteran services, animal rights or cancer research, the CFC has a charity for any cause you want to support.

The Solar Village Project’s CFC number is #13590





In the Summer of 2016 Solar Village Project received it’s first operating grant from The Island Foundation. The Island Foundation was founded in 1979 by W. Van Alan Clark, Jr. and Mary H. Clark. They envisioned a family foundation that was capable not only of reacting to the needs of the community, but also providing leadership grants and taking chances other foundations might be unwilling to consider. Van Clark believed in solutions. He believed that the world could be managed for the better. He believed that bright people, dedicated to a common goal would inevitably achieve that goal. He was an activist who was willing to, in his own words, “Step up to the plate and make a good cut at the ball.” A restless and imaginative man, he fought for better outcomes in all of his endeavors. Over the years, the Island Foundation has alternately talked and listened, but always with the goal of motivating action and creative solutions. There is a challenge embedded in every opportunity. Stephen H. Clark





Fortesa is a Senegal based oil exploration and pipe line company.  Fortesa believes that the cornerstone for their success is creating economic growth within the local communities where it operates.  Relying on local residents for all levels of staffing Fortesa is unique in it is guiding principle’s which put an emphasis on economic empowerment and employment in places where previously there was almost none.  Another part of Fortesa’s community building process has been to partner with SVP in providing villages with much needed Solar power.  Fortesa has been integral in our rapid expansion in Senegal helping us implement 11 full scale solar village projects in April of 2017. Fortesa also operates a free clinic for everyone in their operational area that services over 500 people a month.