Cisse Masse Solar Village Project In Senegal Africa

In Feb. 2016 the Solar Village Project implemented our first project in Africa. The village of Cisse Masse in northern Senegal is home to approximately 350 living in 65 homes without access to any electricity. Just like the other villages Solar Village Project has worked with every home in Cisse Masse received their own individual solar home lighting system capable of providing ample clean burning light and charging cell phones.

This project was implemented by Solar Village Project’s Africa team leaders Mike Varhola and Mak Drame. Mike Varhola is from Silver Spring Maryland and played a major role in fundraising for our most recent Solar Village Project in Kihare Village. Mak Drame is originally from Senegal and is currently working here in Maryland at the National Institute Of Health (N.I.H) as a Research Biologist. Cisse Masse village is the home to Mak Drame’s uncle making it a logical starting point for our expansion into Africa.

A few children of Cisse Masse Village in Senegal. Without access to electricity studying by a camp fire or a kerosene lamp is the only alternative. The Solar Village Project works to ensure kids like these have a source of clean bright light to study at night.